Majestic Bears

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Peter worked for famous studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal and other well-known studios. If you’ve seen Jurassic Word (2018), Suicide Squad (2016)


…You’ve seen the high quality animation and 3D character design Peter brings to the table under the direction of the biggest designer of the world.


Animation and 3D design is a real passion for him; and being able to create large pieces of content out of nothing that have so much life and energy to them that creates a story with feeling and brings people emotions is so exciting for him. He strives to inspire people and bring them as much joy as possible with his art.


After hearing Peter’s story, we knew he’s the best artist we could find to help bring Majestic Bears to life.


He quickly saw it’s a project worthy of his pursuit of excellence and cultural influence.


While they each differ in style, fashion and backgrounds… Every Bears is a massive success of his own making. They’re bursting full of energy, ready to charge upward and take over the world as well as the Metaverse at a moment’s notice.


Supported by our team of investors, entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, and marketing wizards, there’s no obstacle stopping The Majestic Bears.

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