Majestic Bears

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8’888 unique Majestic Bears

Majestic Bears is a project composed of 8,888 NFTs crafted by talented and expert designers and developers.

We unified the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting-edge product.

about us

About Us

Who We Are ?

Each Bear is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed elements that characterize a bullish crypto enthusiast. Entering The Majestic Bears Club means joining a family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

the artist

The Artist


Peter worked for famous studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, Universal and other well-known studios. If you’ve seen Jurassic Word (2018), Suicide Squad (2016)






Creation of Majestic Bears

Each Majestic Bears undergoes the same creative process and quality control to bring you incredible quality art. From concept to the tiny details like the Majestic Bears’s facial expression, you’ll be met with bespoke creatures whose features may be familiar from the Big Screen. The name Majestic Bears will be ahead of the massive productions like Warner Warner Bros, Universal Studio and more. 


The start of Majestic bears to conquer Metaverse

Let’s conquer the world with the Majestic Bears, the quality of the art and its amazing community.

But even if we appreciate each of our believers, only 8888 pieces will be available for the public mint and give the possibility to the members to be part of it. All Majestic Bears NFTs will be equipped for full use in the Metaverse… The high-quality 3D design will give you the ability to use your NFT the way you want, whether in the Metaverse or in games. Our quality standards are among the best in the NFT world.


Appreciation day – Giving back to Bears

We’ll be giving back to the majestic bears’ community to commemorate the unveiling of all 8’888 unique Bears NFTs. Majestic bears have agreed to donate $50,000 to a charity on the day of the revelation. These funds will be used to protect and improve the living conditions of the polar bears in the islands of the Canadian Arctic.


The reveal of legendary Majestic Bears

Each collection has a centrepiece. We will be releasing legendary Bears, 1/1 NFTs. Everyone will have a chance to get one as they will be randomly assigned. This will encourage new investors to join our community, even weeks after the first big reveal, to keep a high floor price and the hype around the project.


More Animals to Join the Family

After the incredible hype around our Majestic Bears and the feedback on the artwork, people flooded our Discord and asked us to create their favourite animals too. So we have decided to serve their needs. Majestic Bears will grow by additional projects released into the Metaverse. More Majestic Animals and Creatures abound, they will each benefit the original Majestic Bears and their holders.


Our Team

Meet The Team



What is an NFT?

NFT stands for 'non-fungible token. An NFT is basically data that is accounted for in a digital ledger, and that data represents something specific and unique. An NFT can, for example, represent a unique piece of art or a game token.

How many Majestic Bears will be available ?

8888. That’s the unique number of Majestic Bears our team has committed to creating. By prioritizing art quality over quantity, we make sure you will be happy with the art you mint. As a result, the demand for Majestic Bears will soon tower over the supply.

Do Majestic Bears have any utility?

Yes! Majestic Bears is one of the only projects in the NFT space that offer a wide array of utilities. Majestic Bears will get to partake in exclusive real-life events. They’ll help us make donations to charity that protects the polar bears in the islands of the Canadian Arctic AND all the Majestic Bears models are equipped to be used in movies, games and meet-ups in the Metaverse. More will be revealed as the Prime Apes march ahead on the Roadmap.

When will the collection drop?

End of February, the exact date will be announced soon in our discord.

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